Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Tiny Peanut

Meet Bentley:

He has a middle name, but we really only use it when he is bad.  I'm sure that he heard "BENTLEY JAMES" after I took these photos... and stopped laughing (Yes, they were two separate incidents.  He has a thing for toilet paper.).

I don't have kids, but anyone who has met him can tell you that he's an awful lot like a 4-legged toddler.

He will also melt your heart with his adorableness.  I'm pretty sure that he could make world peace happen.

He has about a million nicknames, but his first one was "Tiny Peanut."  My sister started it, back when he looked like this (the weekend after I got him, he was 13 weeks old):

Why did I name my blog after him?  There are two things keeping me going right now... quilting, and Bentley. It seemed appropriate to combine the two.

That, and right after I got Ebbie, I had him down in the sewing dungeon with me.  I was working on something and I thought he was asleep.  I saw him move out of the corner of my eye, and turned to see what he was getting into.  And then I sewed right through my fingernail, and halfway down through my finger.

Um, ouch.

But I couldn't be mad at this:

So I named my blog after him instead.

There will be more Bentley in the future... consider yourself warned. :-)

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