Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring To Finish!

The incredibly talented Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio is the brains behind the Spring To Finish Challenge of 2010.  Each participant chooses the task or tasks that they want to finish before May 31.

I have been working on mine since the start date (April 19), but I realized that I never officially listed what I plan to finish.  So here it is:

My Goals...
1.) The Testosterone Quilt
I am going to either a) finish the entire quilt top, or b) finish as much of the quilt top as I am financially able to do.

2.)  The Houseboat Schnibble
I will finish the top. and piece together the backing.

3.)  The Hexagon Quilt-a-Long
It took awhile for me to be able to get my fabric, so I am a bit behind.  I want to have all of the cutting done.

My Reward!
Per Jacquie's orders, we should reward ourselves for finishing our goals, and who am I to argue? :)
I was killing time at B&N last night and came across this book... I have seen it before but it didn't jump out at me and I never opened it.  But the quilting section at this store was woefully small, so I took what I could find.  And of course, since that's the way life goes, I fell in love immediately.  I think I want to make 95% of the projects in here, which is unusual for me -- usually I just want to make one or two out of a book.

And I will even offer myself a bonus...

Bonus A = Testosterone Quilt --> quilt sandwich
Bonus B = Houseboat Schnibble --> quilt sandwich
Bonus C = More than 50% of my triangles --> hexagon halves

The rewards for those are TBD.

Wish me luck!!

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