Thursday, June 17, 2010

Treading Water

First, the good news.

I finished my Schnibble. I pieced the back, sandwiched it, quilted it, and bound it. It is full of wonkyness and bizarre quilting, but I don't care. It is up there in my list of things that I adore, very close to the Little One (he is always first). I showed it to my mom and she liked it. She also said, "wow, you finally finished something that you started." I kinda want to take it everywhere with me so that I can say "look, I wasn't lying! I really can make things!" I might just end up like Linus.

I have all the fabric to make two more Schnibbles. I was going to do State Fair in Make Life by Sweetwater, and Rooibos in Blush by Basic Gray.

I also have 3 WIPs that are in various stages of completion.

Now, the bad news.

I packed up most of my quilting stuff tonight. And I'm pretty sure that it made a sizable crack in the last block of sanity that I have left.

The last... 7 months have been hard. Well really, the last year and a half, but especially the last few months. Usually, life is like treading water. Sometimes, it can be more difficult than others. The last few months have been like trying to tread water during a hurricane in the Bermuda Triangle, with many giant rocks tied to my legs. Quilting has been my life preserver, almost literally and figuratively.

But the 6-month anniversary of my last paycheck hit me. Hard. Not only in the "good grief, I want all of this pretty pretty fabric and I can't afford it" kind of way, but also in the, "holy hell, it has been six months since I had a job" way. I decided that I need to untie some of the above-mentioned rocks that are weighing me down. I *love* quilting, and if I had my choice, I never would have packed my stuff up, but I can't move on with my life until I get a job, and I need to focus. And I can't focus when the dog is angry at me because I have my ironing stuff on the fireplace hearth, and he therefore cannot lay there. And a long list of similar issues.

So I am taking a hiatus. It will be indefinite, because the sad truth is that I have absolutely no idea when I will get a job, and pretty much everything in my life hinges on that right now.

Cross your fingers that I can keep my head above water until then.

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